Transformation & Happiness Specialist

Your Total Health
Is My Main Concern

I believe I can help change the world one person at a time. My purpose is to help those who want it, to live life in a better way.
By encouraging you to upgrade your self-confidence with loving care along with judgment free motivation and support.​
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About New You Wellness
How often do you visit a healthcare professional and feel hurried and unheard?  It happens to most of us.  The average visit with a doctor is about 8 minutes. 
How much can you actually cover in just 8 minutes?
When you hire a health coach you get dedicated time, typically at least an hour, to discuss what is important to you:  Health issues, nutrition, weight loss, life style choices, career choices, spirituality, whatever you need.  You’ll meet in a safe, caring and supportive environment where we will work together to create goals and practical strategies to accomplish them.
Nancy Walters
Owner, New You Wellness, LLC
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What we put inside our bodies is so important, but it's not always simple to follow the rules.
We can help you.
My Services
Weight Loss Support
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My specialty is weight loss support.  Drawing upon my personal experience with weight loss provides an invaluable tool filled with tried and true tips and tricks that I can divulge to you along your journey to a healthier life.  Most approaches to nutrition dwell on calories, carbs, fats, proteins. Working with your current diet we make small, easy adjustments that over time add up to big changes.  This makes your new life journey a steady progression instead of a radical overhaul so it is much easier to incorporate into your daily lifestyle and maintain long term. Instead of creating lists of restrictions and good and bad foods, I coach my clients to create a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun and free of denial and discipline.
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NO ONE DIET WORKS FOR EVERYONE.  At New You Wellness, I provide personal and individualized programs to help you attain your goals. No cookie cutter plans or the latest fad diets. When it comes to weight loss, not everyone will find success using the same plan - you might do well eating a program higher in protein while your spouse does better on a vegetarian eating plan. There is no one single answer that fits everyone’s life style.  Working together we will discover nutritional and lifestyle choices that work the best for you.  I will also help you to make gradual, habitual changes that you can use for life that enable you to reach your current and future health goals.  This is not a quick fix diet.  This is a life-long commitment to better health and happiness.
Life Coaching
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Need help handling stress?  Having moods swings and not know why? Not sleeping well?  Hate your job?  Relationship(s) driving you nuts?  This is where the life coaching comes in.  We will work together to give you suggestions to incorporate into your life style that will help you improve any or all of these areas.  Did you know that a sensitivity or full blown allergy to certain foods can cause your state of mind to alter?  Did you also know that limiting beliefs can be what is holding you back from moving forward?  I'll work with you to help figure things like this out.  It won't be easy, but it will certainly be worth it.  
Cooking Lessons
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Do you tell people that you burn water?  Are you afraid of your kitchen?  Tired of take-out, frozen dinners, just the same old thing or eating at restaurants?  Want to save money by cooking at home but don’t know how to start?  This is the service for you!
Have fun preparing and taste testing while learning kitchen basics.   We’ll cover healthier ways to prepare meals using a different methods - choice are frying, baking, roasting, grilling, etc., along with how to use some simple appliances such as a crockpot or rice cooker.  Not only will you receive a new skill, you’ll also get simple, easy to create, delicious recipes that you can duplicate at home. 
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Satisfied Customers
  1. Lauren M.
    Nancy Walters walked into my life as I found myself hitting a major roadblock. Some may look at it as coincidence. I look at it as fate. She is truly an inspiration with her own weight loss battles and all that she has accomplished. I am one of her newer clients yet feel as if I've known her forever. Not only has Nancy's method of health coaching put me at ease, I feel the unconditional love and support all the time. You cant get that anywhere else. I feel that she is teaching me that numbers don't mean everything; although I have a weight loss goal that I am determined to get to. She is also teaching me that success is based on a foundation of baby steps. Each little baby success step adds up to a better me. I am confident in Nancy's ability to help me get where I want because she is not letting me quit. I stand behind her and have faith that she is able to help others with their weight loss journey.
  2. Dr. Stu
    I don't usually write recommendations, but this one writes itself. I started working with Coach Nancy about 8 weeks ago. All I can say is WOW! Thank you for helping me attain my goals. She is really one of a kind. She gives you a road map for success that is easily followed. Chiropractor from Holland PA
  3. Lesley H.
    Nancy Walters is a walking billboard for determination and success. I met Nancy through Mixed Martial Arts classes, listened to her story, and saw her before and after pictures…this made me ask her how she did it!! Nancy is a great resource and has been working with me for the past several months on my training and my nutrition. Thanks to Nancy’s tips and consultations I have refocused and I am back on track in my pursuit of getting back into shape. I am stronger physically and mentally. I know I can reach out to Nancy and she will be there to support me every step of the way. Thanks Nancy!!